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INSTALLING the new driver source

If you take at1700.c.gz:

We assume source file saved to /tmp/at1700.c (gunzipped).
$ su
# cd /usr/src/linux/driver/net
# mv at1700.c at1700.c- 
# mv /tmp/at1700.c at1700.c 

If you take patch file:

We assume the patch file saved to /tmp/at1700.patch.gz.
$ su
# cd /usr/src/linux/driver/net
# mv at1700.c at1700.c-
# gzip -cd /tmp/at1700.c.patch | patch -oat1700.c
Now, we get new file which named at1700.c.

CONFIGURING the kernel

Do a make menuconfig or make xconfig.
General Setup --->
	Code maturity level options --->
		[*] Prompt for development and/or imcomplete code/drivers
Network device support --->
	[*] Other ISA cards
	[*] AT1700 support (EXPERIMENTAL)


If auto recognition of driver failed, you append
append = "ether=IRQ,IO,INT"
into /etc/lilo.conf, where
IRQ:  The IRA number of your LAN card (Ex. 10)
IO: The I/O port address of your LAN card (Ex. 0x0240)
INT: The interface name (Ex. eth0)

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